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What is the business model of unlimited graphic design services ?

RocketManRocketMan subscriber Posts: 2 Member

Hello all, I’m a serial entrepreneur, with background in webdesign and portrait photography.

I’m thinking of launching yet another unlimited graphic design service and I’m trying to figure out the equation so the clients, the designers and I are happy.

So called unlimited graphic design/development/marketing services have multiplied in the past 5 years, thanks to a productification of their services, based essentially on a monthly subscription and a precisely defined service (unlimited requests and revisions but one at a time).

So far I think there are 2 different equations/sub models :

Model A:

$349 for graphic production (existing digital assets edited to make unique visuals) made by cheap foreign freelancers.

Using existing assets is much faster, thus those designers can complete numerous projects every week. I was told that 1 of them can take care of all requests from 5 clients.

5x349=1745 (minus between half or a quarter kept by me/the business) equals to between $872 and $1308 per month for a designer based in Asia/South America/East Europe.

Model B:

$600-1000 for true graphic design (new digital assets created from scratch) made by local designers, either in-house or freelance.

Creating new assets is done by extensive communication with the client to develop its brand identity, it takes considerably more time to complete one project.

I don’t know how many clients one of these designers can handle. Perhaps 2.

Local graphic designers cost between $2000 for juniors and $3000 for seniors.

Can anyone help me pinpoint those equations ?


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