How do I get daily traffic

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Hi I'm promoting a system called prosperity Marketing System and it's a awesome system it's only 12.00 dollars monthly and it has a 7 day free trial also it has all kinds of list building income streams built-in and you can plug in your main Business or Affiliate offers on the inside


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    Hello, @Julian Frilot:

    Welcome to the community! Good luck with your project. I do want to caution you about perceived spam here -- please only post this once (your other post with duplicate copy has been removed).

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    Hey Julian,

    When marketing products like the above it's important to market yourself. What value do you have to offer? Maybe start a website that shares some of your expertise and knowledge and then build a following and list. YOu can then share the Prosperity Marketing System to your followers and list. As it is, I can now simply google the system, bypassing you all together. I se to market affiliate links until I created a website that focused on providing value and some of my expertise. Best of luck!

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