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Funding African Youth Startups from Angels Outside Africa - Possible?

accofrancoaccofranco subscriber Posts: 3 Member

Hi everyone, I am so excited to be a part of this great business forum. I have been searching for a forum like this, all thanks to Google for bringing me here. Well done to the owners and moderators and managers of this great community.

Please I want to know, is it possible for a youth from Nigeria to secure funding from outside Africa for his highly promising startup?

I am working on a great startup idea in the transport logistics sector, and its been amazing response from potential clients since last year. Right now, I am fully prepared to take this business to the next level that will boost the revenue and position it for a greater opportunity in the industry, but I am financially handicapped to execute the necessary plans that will make this goal a reality, and the fund I need is not really much; around $50,000. I have approached banks here, but getting loan from Nigerian banks is always a nightmare and impossibility for young people no matter your business prospect unless you have enough property to stand as collateral, which I don't have at the moment as a young entrepreneur.

My question is, how can I secure funding from outside Nigeria for this great startup I am currently working on? I have tried angel.co and others, but they seem all impossible. I really need help mates.

Please I do understand the bad reputation of some unscrupulous elements from my country Nigeria who have made it look like all Nigerians are scammers, please I have to reference this because I have had an encounter with someone online some time ago who saw my post and tagged me a Nigerian scammer that I should quit scam, I was heartbroken because I have been on the forefront of fighting internet fraud, educating foreigners through far-reaching articles published on hubpages.com, medium, quora, etc and even wrote a book about it which couldn't go far because I didn't have a big name to promote it in the international scene. So for someone to tag me a scammer broke my heart.

So please I am pleading with every reader of my post, if you are in doubt of my personality and identity, ask and I will give you all my profile details on linkedin, facebook, and even on hubpages.com.

I believe in dignity of labor....I am working hard to build a sustainable, prosperous business that will not only earn income, but will help solve major problems and challenges people face in my country and other African nations, I just need someone that will believe in me and work with me on this project. Thanks all

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