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Hello All. Our names are Robert Moran, Michael Pampena, and Andrew Lackey. We are 3 young adults in the beginning of our adult lives living outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Recently, in April 2019 we developed an idea that as a society and humans, we are all capable of more than we show in our daily lives. We have the abilities and opportunities to become happy, free, and rich. Therefore, we scribed our ideology and advice to the world in our first publication titles "The Best Version of You". We independently published the book, performing each and every task to publish it, ourselves. It is now on and doing well. We have begun producing a second work more devoted to how we have come to the point we are currently at in American society and how we can (and will) be better. We have put in hundreds of hours of work not for us, but for the world. We want each and every one of us to achieve our life's goals and aspirations. Feel free to contact us about anything from saying hello to business questions. We look forward to working with you! - Robert, Michael, and Andrew


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    Hello, Robert, Michael and Andrew:

    Welcome to the community! It sounds like you all have worked hard to get the book written and published, and hopefully others take inspiration from it.

    I look forward to your contributions within the StartupNation community forums.

    Ryan O'Bleness
    Community Manager
    StartupNation, LLC
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