Ergonomics/Video Production Business?

DonnyDarkoDonnyDarko subscriber Posts: 1
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I really want to start my own business however the problem is I have never really been passionate about anything! I have worked in the media industry making tv programmes and more recently content for mobile phones. To cut a long story short I`m fed up doing contracting/freelancing in this field not knowing where my next job is coming from. I would like to do something in mobile content but unsure about where to source new content from. I`ve thought about starting my own production company and doing education videos but (I know it sounds silly) I don`t know where to start! I`m thinking of doing a Masters/Post Graduate course in Ergonomics (I got good grades in this at university) and starting a business in this field but uncertain if it`s feasible to do so. Help! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!  


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