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Angel Investor or Private Equity Firm? (Very Strong Fast-Casual Concept)

DepperDepper subscriber Posts: 1 Member

I'm seeking seed investment for my brand but wondering if it's best to seek an angel investor or private equity firm based on my business. I've been operating my brand within the cannabis space, but a lot of our traction, customers and interests over the years has come from our concept, branding, and appearance as a commercial cafe.

Now that I'm looking to scale the brand, I'm pulling the core product from the cannabis market and seeking to launch the concept cafe which has been very successful at pop-ups and events using optional cbd infusions only. I'm uncertain which direction to turn for funding given the brand would essentially be a cannabis inspired cafe.

It may also be useful to note that unlike conventional restaurants requiring brick and mortar locations, this is more of a curb cafe which would require less initial capital than normal; around $65k-$100k per location as opposed to $300k-$500k.

Entering unfamiliar territory here! Any help would be useful!

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