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This Landing Page Is Converting Like Crazy And Here's Why

GoGoChimpGoGoChimp subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Hi folks, a client needed my help with a complete redesign of their website.

So, I got to work on a landing page and they're now getting a conversion rate of over 30% (visitors going to their contact page to request pricing).

I'm very excited for them and they're now getting ready to send paid traffic to the landing page.

Here's a video that I made breaking down the design, the conversion rate optimization techniques used and my approach to copywriting. (https://youtu.be/BWwAGpRWeDU)

Please feel free to ask any questions about conversion optimization and if you want to watch more videos like this then visit my channel.

Chris McCarron


  • TopFlightTopFlight subscriber Posts: 14 Bronze Level Member


    There is so much content out there that has been produced by a person just looking at all the other stuff online and then replicating it. They often have no knowledge about their topic and are just creating something they have no idea if it actually works themselves.

    The true answers may not always be what you think.

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  • dresadresa subscriber Posts: 41 Bronze Level Member
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