Upselling and Cross Selling

Turner BellTurner Bell subscriber Posts: 14 Bronze Level Member

What is up selling and cross selling? And what are some advantages of them?


  • Jessie HookieJessie Hookie subscriber Posts: 351 Silver Level Member

    Upselling is the practice of encouraging customers to purchase a comparable higher-end product than the one in question, while cross-selling invites customers to buy related or complementary items. Though often used interchangeably, both offer distinct benefits and can be effective in tandem.


    • Increases Profits.
    • Increases Customer Loyalty.
    • Increase in ROI.
    • Increases Customer Lifetime Value.
    • Balances Growth Between New and Existing Customers.
    • Offers Convenience and Flexibility for Customers.
    • Trust is Vital.
    • Track the Customer Journey.

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    Seems interesting suggestion!

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