What are the must-have features of ecommerce website design?

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Statista reports that e-retail revenues worldwide are projected to grow to $4.88 trillion by 2021. That’s why every retail business should consider starting selling online. But you should remember that not only the quality of the products you sell is essential, but also the design for your ecommerce website that ultimately tempts potential customers to purchase your products. So what are the best ecommerce website design features that every successful website absolutely must have to stay competitive in the market?


  • Jessie HookieJessie Hookie subscriber Posts: 237 Silver Level Member
    1. Streamlined navigation
    2. Live chat
    3. Strong product photography
    4. Safe and easy check out
    5. Social proof like customer reviews.

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    nice advices, i am agree

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    • Online sellers have minutes, to make a sale.
    • You have to Focus on the user experience by providing shopping categories, filters, and comparison capabilities.
    • Your shipping partner should be able to give you and your customers real-time visibility into where packages are, everywhere in the world. And they should give your customers the option of receiving automatic delivery status change notifications.
    • Tax collection and data tracking should be automated so you’re always in compliance. 
    • Image Flipper module from Elsner will take care of your product gallery and it is very easily integrated as so your site speed will not be affected.
    • In my experience, with the use Magento extensions by Elsner Technologies you can improve your conversion rate along with increase in productivity and efficiency of your ecommerce store.
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    These are the must-have features of an E-commerce website:

    • Content management capabilities.
    • Promotion and discount code tools.
    • An easy-to-use checkout.
    • Search engine optimized code and layout.
    • Reporting tools.
    • An integrated blog or articles section.
    • Email marketing integration.

  • fastvideolikesfastvideolikes New Yorksubscriber Posts: 22 Bronze Level Member

    An e-Commerce website should have some good features like

    It should be easy to use

    The site should be reliable and flexible

    Site security must be high

    Content management capabilities

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    I work at Apps4Rent. An IT company. Not much different from eCommerce website as it sells IT products and services. Here are the key things that need to be present in your website:

    1. Ease of navigation.
    2. Good CMS.
    3. Different product pages for different products and regions.
    4. Live chat system.
    5. Impressive photography.

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