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The Investment and time for a business to take online?

jayarorajayarora subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Hello Everyone,

I have my offline fashion business and it is going well. I am planning to take that online now, but i don't have much idea that how much time and investment will it take me to setup it online properly?

What sort of website shall I plan and go for?

Any experts having knowledge of the same please help me with this.

Because I don't want to get my business affected because of this.

Looking for honest suggestions

Thank You


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    HeavenGHeavenG subscriber Posts: 27 Bronze Level Member

    In my opinion, the fashion industry is always a great prospect for opening an online store. Don't be afraid! Do it!

    The fashion business is definitely an ecommerce sphere. So you should think only about ecommerce platforms with basic functionality for the beginning.

    So now the main thing is to choose the best platform for your store. And since you don't know where to start planning,I recommend to contact specialists or read this article about ecommerce website development cost, https://elogic.co/blog/ecommerce-development-cost-in-2019-set-the-right-budget-for-your-project/. I think it will help you understand the price range of opening an online store.

    I believe that everything will work out for you!

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    jenniechasejenniechase subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member

    Surely as we all know if seed needs time to grow so like business do, either it is physical business or online business but due inflation and economy crisis its not possible for the brands to meet their goals so for that there are trying different ideas to generate leads. Few days back I visited a website which is offering coupon codes I just used the coupon and I came to know that its actually worked out. I redeemed it and delivered the product with a discount what I ordered click the link below you will surely like it.

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    ilochkailochka subscriber Posts: 24 Bronze Level Member

    On the Internet there are many sites that do business in the field of fashion. It's going to be hard for you to compete.  Especially if you have your own brand and your own models. 

    You will need to develop a quality website. Your website will be a business card to attract customers. But to attract customers is not enough, customers need to be retained and attracted, give them new information about their brand and their products.  Your website should be customer-oriented. For example, you can connect the service to the site https://www.useresponse.com/. This will give you the opportunity to receive feedback from your customers and develop your business.  But customer feedback is also information for your potential customers. Users take advantage of feedback.

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    HostHero.net SteveHostHero.net Steve subscriber Posts: 5 Member

    The best free e-commerce platform I recommend is Woo commence. it’s easy to setup, you can accept customer payment and has shipping options . There are lots of YouTube tutorials and has a huge community. Google them to find out more



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    detelinadetelina subscriber Posts: 27 Bronze Level Member

    Those companies that had developed IT business during the quarantine period increased their profits

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