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Good Business Tutor

bestwebsitesdesignerbestwebsitesdesigner subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Everyone suggests to be successful you should learn or find a mentor who can guide you.

What are some of the best and cheap way of finding such mentors?

again i dont want to spend $100 per hour with any coach and than find out its not worth it. I am not successful to spend that much thats why looking for coach :)


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    TravelSchoolTravelSchool subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
    edited January 2020

    Hi @bestwebsitesdesigner :) My name is Emilian and I help people succeed in business and life. The best way to find a mentor is the mentor to find you :) I was in a situation like you, before I had the opportunity to grow. I was blessed to have a mentor in my life who thought me all his knowledge. I love to connect with people and share value. And yeah I don't charge $100 per hour, I will give you a lot of tips and directions if you want to learn how to succeed online. My teachings are very powerful and interesting. Looking forward providing you with value. If you want to chat book a meeting with me here: www.travelschool.info/call

    ~ Emilian

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    SoFreeSoFree subscriber Posts: 1 Member
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    RichardParkerRichardParker subscriber Posts: 59 Bronze Level Member

    If you want Start a Tutoring in Business. Here are some detail:-

    How to Start a Tutoring in Business

    Decide if a Tutoring Business Right for You. Before you take any steps toward launching your business, determine whether or not business ownership is your best path.

      Pinpoint Your Niche.

      Plan Your Budget.

      Do Research.

      Scope out the Competition.

      Choose a Name.

      Deal With Financial and Legal Issues.

      Create a Marketing Plan.

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