How to test e-commerce product acceptance in real life before putting it on sale?

Imran SayyadImran Sayyad Indiasubscriber Posts: 12 Bronze Level Member

Products can be tested in various way but publics acceptance is unpredictable. Is there any way we can test that how much people like it ?

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  • MustafaMustafa Dhakasubscriber Posts: 15 Bronze Level Member
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    You can arrange a poll in the social media.

  • ChangelifeChangelife subscriber Posts: 5 Member
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    This will base on the Headline you use to capture the attention of the right audience,right target market depending on the product or niche. There companies with good product but when they fail to reach the right audience ,business fail,so what the product,benefits not futures then reach the right audience with a catchy headline


  • Angel AnaAngel Ana subscriber Posts: 2 Member

    Although you can't be 100% sure about any product acceptance by researching but there are some way to have some idea about the product view by public. you can look for site where they will do online surveys by the people of your locality and it's cost very my suggestion for you to try online survey site before launching your product.Good luck🙂

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