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Have made changes based on everyones input.

chrishudsonchrishudson subscriber Posts: 3
edited July 2007 in Website Critique
If everyone could please share their input on the changes we have made, it would be helpful.  Once again thank you all for your thoughts and time to help me with my site.


  • chrishudsonchrishudson subscriber Posts: 3
    If you watch the full video on the home page it is now telling and showing more of what is offered at the site. The begining looks and starts the same however as it keeps going you will notice the changes.
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    I didn`t look the first time around, so this is a fresh view.  (PS, what I know about golf would fit into the period on this sentence.)1) Make your headers into links (where appropriate).  I clicked on the "Sample Video" header - nothing.  I clicked on the photo - nothing.2) Something is wrong in your video encoding workflow that is squashing your video horizontally.  Like you shot the video in widescreen and edited it as 4:3.3) BUY A MICHROPHONE.  Nothing shouts "Amateur Video" as bad audio does.  The on-camera microphone is only good for three feet or so, after that you start picking up room noise.  In your case, half the sound energy is echo and I had to turn the volume on my PC up all the way to hear you.Your "About Us" page is not about you, it`s a repeat of the home page.  Stop selling and tell the viewer about YOU and why I should trust you to tell me anything about golf.
    Videography2007-7-25 16:8:59
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