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Making a Start Up when you have no IT background in design or programming and money

AntoineAntoine subscriber Posts: 1 Member


I have always wondered how can I make a Start Up if I have no idea how to code.

Let's suppose Tinder doesn't exist and my idea is to do something like Tinder. How can I do knowing that I have only a commercial background? If I team up with let's say 1 or 2 partners that would be in charge of making the app, and manage the instagram page with creative contents.

Moreover how can I figure out which percentage of the shares would be given to me, and the 1 or 2 other partners that made my idea come alive? Since I would be the CEO with a commercial background what would be the rest of the job if the app is already done? What can I bring more to the company? And how can I justify X percentage of the company.

Furthermore, when questions above are fixed, if me and my partners don't have money to invest and we find a private investor or business angel that invest for example 2 million euros on my project. How can I figure out what % will be given to the investor knowing that his only input is money while me and my partner(s) will have the labor outputs. How find a balance between the labor input and the money input which both are vital for the project to come to life and grow.

Thank you very much in advance for the help. I will be very grateful.



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    MarkoMarko subscriber Posts: 5 Member

    Hey Antoine if you a valid business idea but no capital, no tech background, or any of the other perquisites you need to launch a business you can still get started on the most important thing every business needs to launch: find customers. And the way you find customers is to begin talking to everyone you know and meet about your business idea - and then listen. Don't try to sell. Just listen. They will tell you if you are communicating your idea clearly, if they see the value, if there is a market. If you can put a list together of 100 people that you have pitched your idea to and their feedback then you will know a lot more about what your next steps ought to be.

    And you can always get started by reading The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, and visit the wbsite sidehustleschool to see over a thousand examples and ideas for starting a business for next to nothing. Having no money is no reason not to get started on your business!

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