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How to Use and Find Business Lead Lists - A Must Have

emailsaleremailsaler subscriber Posts: 1 Member

The idea is to get a hold of large amounts of contact data on potential buyers, relating as closely as possible to the product you are trying to promote.

1. For example: You are selling flowers, so you might want to have the contact info for all florist that might be interested in your flowers. At least the local database on potential buyers or maybe even a nationwide database of Florist.

2. You might want to offer the flowers to the general public in a specific area or state, so you might want a database with the contact info for businesses & people in a specific geographical area usa business fax list.

* You must decide how you would use this information if you had it.

Meaning, would you email people and or companies with your promotions?

Then you would want the business email list of addresses.

* Would you want to call them on the phone: then you will be needing the business phone numbers.

* Would you want to mail out some beautiful flyers?

Then you will need the street address of all those who might be interested, right!

* Would you Fax some of your promotional info?

Then you will need the Fax numbers, too.

So...you need a business leads list with business email addresses, business phone numbers, business addresses and Fax numbers.

It would take far too much time to compile this info yourself, and there are companies that do that for a living. Besides, the cost of just buying an existing database is cheap!

These lists do exist and are commonly referred to in the industry as "database solutions."

Finding reputable Database providers is the key, as there are some scam type companies out there.

They may actually provide a list, but it may be substandard or way out of date.

Sometimes you can find a few free lists, but in general lead lists cost something in the line of from $10 (for the more popular lists) to $250 (for the more unique lists). However, some of the unique or massive lists can sell for as much as $1,000 each. So, it just depends on the list and the company you choose to buy from.


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