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problems when growing your company?

georgekr97georgekr97 subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Hey, I'm a graphic designer studying at UWE, i'm doing a rebrand project for a hypothetical business trying to expand, I was just hoping to get an insight into some of the problems that people have had when trying to grow their businesses? was it hard to keep the authenticity and integrity of your business? any other information would also be really useful.

Thanks for your time

George Richardson


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    Priya MalhotraPriya Malhotra subscriber Posts: 17 Bronze Level Member

    There are many things regarding to this. And it depends on the type of business your are doing. But the common things that you face in doing business is failures. It will come and you have to accept it and work harder. While growing your business you have to concentrate on marketing of your business which is very important. Consistency of things is very important.

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