How to Start and Fund a Coffee Shop

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imageHow to Start and Fund a Coffee Shop

Starting a business, even a humble coffee shop, is a major undertaking, but with a solid strategy, you can break it down into more manageable chunks.

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  • aurimas123aurimas123 Posts: 7subscriber Member

    Oh man, this is such a risky business :) So many things can go wrong, but I think in the beginning very crucial is: provide an excellent customer service and provide the best coffee you can get (at least around your block, small city, area).

    If you fail those: you are doomed.

    All the business stuff, planning, stock is extremely important, but that comes once you have a successful start.

    Coffee shops can go out of cash in a month, so you must concentrate on those two things first.

  • PasoyinPasoyin IndonesiaPosts: 5subscriber Member

    In Indonesia is very very more this shop

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