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looking for a partner in CleanTech startup

solanumsolanum subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Hello! I am an innovator from Russia. I am looking for a European partner (for example, a British partner) in my innovative CleanTech startup (GreenTech startup). There is an idea for the development and industrial production of vulcanizable sealants and mastics, non-fired building binder (like fiber cement) for the manufacture of roof tiles, facing slabs, using agricultural and industrial wastes as raw materials. The considered agricultural wastes are the grain husk, the poultry feather. Technogenic wastes: household plastic waste, associated sulfur, which is formed during the refining of oil and natural gas, oil refining waste, waste from the production of certain mineral fertilizers.

The project involves the creation of a mini-plant that processes waste into commercial products: vulcanizable mastics, non-fired building binder; a mini-plant can be placed in Britain or in the EU country. Further, in the development of the project, the innovative company will produce and supply mini-plants for process of customer waste to interested customers by selling a technology license. The project has the potential to become international, and subsequent enterprises should be created in the EU and North America.

I intend to turn to a European or international startup accelerator, which considers projects at the idea stage, to create a company from scratch. A resident of the EU or a resident of Britain should apply for an accelerator, participate in the accelerator program and be the face of my project in order to increase the likelihood of being accepted into the program and reduce the costs of the acceleration process.

I need a project manager, a person who has a chemical education, or environmental, or biological, or technical (maybe undergraduate or graduate student). The manager’s task will be to participate in the European startup accelerator program and present my project in London or Berlin. There are 4–5 international accelerators carrying out programs for project initiators, during which the participant meets with invited potential investors, introduces them to the project in order to try to agree with the investor on financing and launching the project by the end of the three-four-month program. The manager will submit an application for participation in the program on his own behalf, and if he receives an invitation, he should have free time so that in 2020 he can spend several months on a program taking place, for example, in London or Berlin. When filling out the application and further, the person must show the receiving party his interest in solving urgent environmental problems (exclusion of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, plastic processing, etc.). I will help write an application. Such enthusiastic people are loved in modern Europe, as evidenced by the example of Greta Tunberg. In the selection, preference, of course, will be given to a resident of a European state. The selection is one person from several dozen. The accelerator pays a stipend to the invited participant. The functions of the participants will be divided in the startup team: I, a technologist, will conduct a laboratory experiment (in Russia) to create a prototype. The project manager will perform a communicative function on the program. With a positive outcome, an international technology company will be created in which the project manager will be a co-founder and co-owner - I want to interest a potential like-minded person with this.

To discuss the possibility of cooperation, please write to sill@inbox.ru

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