Local business marketing resources?

tommy1957tommy1957 subscriber Posts: 3 Member

So....my kids tell me I NEED to be on "the facebooks" as I call it. So I'm going to give it a go before hiring someone for marketing.

Thought I'd share some resources that have helped me a bit, and hopefully people can add to the list!

1. New World Franchise - newworldfranchise.com/ - this guy gives some website templates away for free, BUT, you have to sit through a 8 minute video. I did actually end up buying his stuff though, it was pretty cheap. 

2. Local Business Workshop - mattenglishconsulting.com/digi-foundation - Same guy as above, I bypassed the opt-in page so you don't have to give your email. Theres 3 videos with lots of info for free, mostly about facebook ads. Does actual screenshare walkthoughs. 4th video is him trying to sell his course. I didn't buy it, but I am curious. Has anyone here bought it? Thoughts?

Would love to get more resources or any videos that have helped people. I'm trying to learn as much as I can about marketing as i can.

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