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When is the best time to think about SEO when starting a new business?

BruceJonesBruceJones subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member

When do you think SEO should fit into your schedule?

Here are some different points in a business startup timeline to consider.

1. When thinking about starting a new business.

2. While thinking about a name for your startup.

3. When buying a new domain name.

4. Before starting your new website.

5. While selecting images for your new website.

6. When you are writing copy for your website pages.

7. After your website officially gets launched.

8. While creating your social media profiles.

9. When you are creating a press release announcing your new business.

10. When you realize website visitors and sales are not coming in as fast as you expected them to.

It has been my experience that in the real world most people pick #10, sometimes #7. ( that is when they usually call me at least)

Entrepreneurs would have been so much further ahead if they had SEO in mind at spot #1, as soon as they had a new business idea!

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