Does your employer ask you to use time tracking software?

Tom_DTom_D subscriber Posts: 4 Member
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If yes, please, specify which one! Thank you


  • laughslaughs subscriber Posts: 16 Bronze Level Member

    Eww, no. I understand it helps some people manage time better, but I would never do that. I'd never take on a client if they insist on my using one. It's invasive and overbearing.

  • Faisal RehmanFaisal Rehman Pakistansubscriber Posts: 28 Bronze Level Member

    nope, I don't use it now and instead of that, I use to submit the report of the accountable work

    Before that I have used the time tracker on Upwork and read the reviews about crossover as well,they ask employees to use time tracker.


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  • RichardParkerRichardParker subscriber Posts: 58 Bronze Level Member

    Prohance software work, If employer need time tracker.

  • WrightTeckWrightTeck subscriber Posts: 8 Member
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    I use a time tracker as an independent contractor. It does seem intrusive, but I believe employers need the assurance that you are trustworthy and that you are doing what you are suppose to while working. I have never really thought of it as intrusive. I am providing a service and I want whosoever is hiring me to feel comfortable. It is their choice, their money. What I value most is my independence, tracking my work or not.

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