Do you / Why don't you ... want to create a SaaS to service your customers?

LomasNZLomasNZ subscriber Posts: 1 Member

The size of the SaaS market according to Gartner is HUGE! At USD $85 Billion, it has the biggest market share of all cloud as-a-service services (IaaS is $39b).

Intuitively it makes sense that SaaS is big. There has been a huge shift to digitise business; either just by shifting online (eCommerce) or disrupting (Uber).

However, looking at the data to find who wants to build a SaaS shows the opposite. A Google Ads Keyword search suggest almost no one is searching for "create/build/develop saas/etc".

If you wanted to build a SaaS product where would you start looking for help with software?



  • JackyNiksJackyNiks USAsubscriber Posts: 3 Member

    Hmm, I don't agree that SaaS is not popular. Maybe Google Ads Keyword is not correct. If you need a keyword analytics tool, use something else: SemRush, Ahrefs, etc.

    Another point that people search for a particular SaaS. They might not know that the software they want is a SaaS but not a CMS. The same situation is going with Shopify. We work with Shopify and recommend it in necessary cases.

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