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Would appreciate feedback on lawyerjokes.com

oliversarmyoliversarmy subscriber Posts: 39 Bronze Level Member

My team and I have created a new website which features both dirty and clean jokes about lawyers and the law: https://lawyerjokes.com

I know it is quite simple, but the idea itself is simple, so we didn't want to overcomplicate the design.

What do you think? Any ideas for improvement?


  • graphicscovegraphicscove subscriber Posts: 7 Member

    I really like the clean design which helps focus on your content. However I'm not sure about the joke view itself. I can't easily get back to the list by pressing the back button as you're adding browser history with every swipe of the carousel. The page also bounces between jokes.

    Personally I would prefer a similar view to what they have on 'clients from hell' where you can see all the posts from the main page. Each post still has a dedicated page but having them all show as a list feels easier to read.

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