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So I'm working now on a website redesign. And I am interested in something new to add, so what can you recommend to change. What do you think about it? What will you change in my place?

Thank you in advance!



  • KajMagnusKajMagnus Posts: 1subscriber Member

    I need to read relatively much text to find out what you're doing, all this:

    "Goal-oriented. Instead of development process we sell our expertise // What we do // We offer a team of professionals to fulfill your aims in development [..]"

    People tend to be short of time, and I'm afraid that's too much text for most people.

    Why is your name ""?

    I think there's too much text in the "What we do" section. Example: this: "Our developers are ready to devote themselves to your project" doesn't really mean anything? Not to me at least. Any company could claim that :- )

    Best wishes.

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