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I started my business just about a year ago, so I`m still fresh at this.  I guess the hardest part is informing people that you exist.  So, I made a deal with a local radio station to trade web work for 300 one-minute spots.  It`s a fair trade because I`ll be up late working on their sites and they`ll make more money with their new, professional look.
I`m also looking for new businesses who need a website and are willing to part with some of their profit in return for my work.  E-commerce or subscription services would be ideal for this since I`d be able to track how much was sold.  I believe that if I could get in with a dozen or so businesses and help them make money, I could receive a nice monthly paycheck myself to cushion the growing pains.
I have solutions for small businesses for as low as $200 and so far the largest site I`ve done was $2200.
I look forward to learning from all of you and providing what knowledge and advice I have.
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