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Best practices(Investors related)

Trader911Trader911 subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Hi Guys,

Great to join this community. I and currently facing a situation and looking for options and the best practises.


Me - Country A

Investor - Country B

Targeted location - Country C

At the moment, I have an investor looking to invest and I am chosen to manage their money. I am from Country A while investor is in Country B. The intended location to be the primary investment location is in country C. I am currently in country C and investor in B. Investment targets be in new projects in various profitable categories or existing companies. Fund from investor may be as much as 100million usd or more. At this moment, I do not have a company in country C, thus my questions are as follow.

1) What are the best practices to receive this funding? As there is a 1% payout as commission to a third party. As this is a big amount, is this to be done thru personal or corporate account? Investor has indicated in contract that money are clean and legal. There is also an additional % payout to me as advanced payout.

2) What category should the company in Country C be? Any suggestions?

3) What are the pitfalls or anything that I should be looking out for?

Thank you for your time and look forward your response.

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