Help for Web Newbies

Hi, gang! As a web designer for the past 3 years (17 years in IT before that), I worked with a lot of small startup businesses. I found the same patterns repeated again and again, when I would try to help them with their websites. I recently changed my business completely -- Totally Halting web design: LOTS of good people already to that!
Instead, I have devoted myself to giving web newbies -- startup folks or micro-businesses -- who want a web presence, but don`t really know where to get started, a GLUE, between them, and the web service provider community.
So I do pure consulting and am building a referral network of screened, vetted web professionals, and I will match the web newbie up with the RIGHT folks to help them! (If you`re interested in being part of my referral network, please drop me an email!)
I have written a 43-page e-book, that`s a free download. I would LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK! You can get it here:
I`ll also be HAPPY TO answer your web questions for free! Just go to the site, and click on the ASK CHRIS A QUESTION link!WebNewbieHelper10/23/2008 5:41 PM
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