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Need help with business name.

MavensMavens subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2009 in Business Planning
As we all know, finding an unused (or un-squatted-upon) Web domain seems to be the biggest challenge these days in coming up with a business identity.  After much deliberation, and many rejected domain requests, I`ve finally settled upon a name I am happy with, and own the domain to (whew!).  The problem is this: the name of the business includes the term "Inc."  It`s an essential piece to the identity.  But I understand if you include "Inc." in your name, you have to be a corporation, not an LLC.  (Please correct me if I`m wrong.)I`m a one-man-show for now.  Sole proprietor, small design side work to start, hourly fees.  About as "small business" as it gets.  If I want to keep my business name, it would mean an S-Corp (as I understand the rules).  Is an S-Corp. an administrative nightmare for someone in my situation?  Is it worth the hassle just to keep my business name?  Or should I drop the Inc., pick something else for my business name (and pray for an open Web domain), and settle into an LLC?The wisdom and advice of the StartupNation community would be appreciated.


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