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How to grow my cloths manufacturing Business ?

karan0080karan0080 subscriber Posts: 2 Member

hii am karan and my business is cloth manufacturing and my offline bussiness going well, i want to grow my business with help of digital marketing but i dont know what is digital marketing and how it works , any ideas or Sugguestion ?


  • Manish MalhotraManish Malhotra subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    hii karan ,Can you please tell me what your requirements are and the area you wish to capture to grow your business?

  • karan0080karan0080 subscriber Posts: 2 Member

    Hey Manish I want to digitally grow my business in terms of advertising my brand and increasing brand awareness, it would help me when people start to recognise my brand and increase my business all over India and abroad as well.

  • Manish MalhotraManish Malhotra subscriber Posts: 2 Member

    Hi Karan , As per what I know you can make use of social media marketing to grow your business online. I suggest you try some of these methods :- SEO,SEM,Content Marketing ,Video Advertising, etc. You can choose any of these methods to grow your Business. These are all a part of digital marketing strategies.

  • John GolitzJohn Golitz subscriber Posts: 8 Member

    Hi Karan,

    I wish you the best success in using digital marketing as it really is the way to grow your business. There are so many aspects to digital marketing that you can use but my experience has been to narrow your focus and set a very specific strategy. The Strategy I think is the best right now includes one lead source, like Facebook Ads that send leads to your webpage and use a lead capture system to get visitors email. Once you have their email, you have a much better opportunity to tell your story and establish a rapport with them so they understand what your unique benefit is and why they should do business with you. By sending them a series of emails you establish yourself as an authority, build trust and tell your authentic story. Hopefully you will connect with them and when they are ready, they will see you as their logical conclusion to their search for a solution. That is my strategy on how to use a very focussed digital marketing strategy that can be expanded when that is going great. My new website is just getting going but check it out and feel free to let me know if I can help you at: ThinkUpYourBusiness.com

  • 3ckstr3ckstr subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    edited September 2019

    My friend, if you are in the cloth manufacturing business I doubt you will be able to grow your operation via digital marketing.

    Your clients do not select suppliers through google ads, and if they are large and professional buyers, the fact that your website ranks in the first or second SERP should not matter at all, some of the greatest manufacturers don't even have a web presence beyond the very basics.

    The way to grow any manufacturing business is simple: be a great sourcing partner. Offer the best wares for the cheapest price in the smallest lead time. This can only be achieved through continuous process improvement on your end.

    Maybe you will find useful advice from the books in this article: the best books to learn about manufacturing.

  • JodyJWeinmannJodyJWeinmann subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    edited November 2020
  • LifeRevivalUniverseLifeRevivalUniverse subscriber Posts: 76 Silver Level Member

    Hi, Karan! You can search for some online courses to help you answer your questions or you can attend online webinars with the experts in this sphere. It will definitely benefit you!

  • likeshigh12likeshigh12 subscriber Posts: 86 Silver Level Member

    To grow your cloth manufacturing business through digital media, you can make your business's website. After that, you can promote your business on social media platforms. here you can get huge organic traffic for your business. You can communicate with your targeted customers worldwide.

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