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Feedback on my pitch

cgwinnercgwinner subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2008 in Elevator Pitches
Thank you in advance for feedback on my pitch:Fueling Media is an innovative provider of commuter based advertising campaigns.  We wrap other people`s cars with your message. 
We understand that in your industry having new and affordable ways to
attract customers is a must. We are excited to tell you about a  new
advertising medium in the Atlanta area.  Through Fueling Media, you can
own the Atlanta roads by placing your advertising message on commuters’
Add creativity, efficiency, and focus to your advertising campaign with vinyl
car wraps.  Fueling Media provides the opportunity for you to own the
roads with eye-catching mobile campaigns.  Wrap any of the 600+ cars or trucks in our
database of drivers with your customized message.


  • TravisHTravisH subscriber Posts: 0

    Hey Chris,
    A couple of things... you gotta get to the point, stake your claim, keep the focus on them, and pump up the excitement.


    Here`s a rough pass at it...

    Fueling Media is the fast growing advertiser of moving messages in the Atlanta area.

    We help your message get noticed and get seen on other people`s cars.

    From start to finish, we manage all aspects of putting your message on the go and in front of thousands of Atlanta drivers everyday. 
    Hope it helps!


    TravisH10/16/2008 9:29 PM
  • cgwinnercgwinner subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the help guys!
  • LoveLove subscriber Posts: 2

    I have not been able to make
    solid contacts yet but from what I am seeing there is for sure a silver lining with
    SUN for any aspiring entrepreneur. And hoping such rich assistance and business support would flow over to us
    here in Africa.

    Dear cgwinner, I was happy to
    see your posting indicating you are into vehicle wrapping with company adverts, and
    that is a hot cake about to blow open here as major corporations are all short
    of advertising space per say, and are venturing into fields such as yours. Is there
    any thing we can make out of it.

    Love10/24/2008 6:25 AM
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