What is the difference between branding and marketing?

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Apples. Oranges. Potatoes.

Yes! Those are three different things.

And so are branding, marketing, and advertising.

The only problem is that a lot of people use these words interchangeably.

  • Marketing is the reason behind why someone thought of buying something in the very first place.


  • A brand is the perception of a company, business, product or service in people’s minds and branding is the way through which you build that perception. This perception is shaped by managing all the interactions happening inside or outside the organization and is done through something called the brand strategy.
  • Using colors, designs, symbols, and words, you can affect all these interactions, and the branding agency defines these for each brand.
  • Simply put, a brand is what others say about that brand and, branding is a way of shaping the perception of the organization and ensuring it stays the same in the long-term.


  • The word marketing comes from the word ‘market’ and is the process of reaching the target customer. All the efforts made by an organization to initiate an exchange between itself and its clients (or customers) would be categorized under marketing.
  • To be fair, in the past, the word marketing literally stood for taking the goods to the market. Now, it is a word that sums up — studying the market, identifying the needs of the customer and satisfying the needs profitably.



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    Often, the question “What is marketing strategies?” Many answer that it is the presence of social networks or the presence of a brand online, or a large amount of advertising. All this may be part of a marketing plan, but not the plan itself. Let's try to explain with your example. Marketing is how you see yourself and at the same time the image that you are trying to present to others.
    Advertising is how you behave in public. This is not only how you behave, but also where you spend time with. And of course, the way you look
    Branding is how others see you. This is the image that was formed by the actions above.
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    These are two big differences for a company. We developed the brand when it was one job. Marketers engaged in the promotion of the company's product
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