Reach-out to facility managers

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Hello Everyone,

Just joined this forum and glad to have a platform to give me some honest opinions and assistance, thank you all for viewing.

My question is, how can one successfully send an initial reach-out to facility managers of public indoor facilities (commercial realty such as malls/corporate buildings, restaurants, airports, municipalities, tech companies)?

I signed up for a contact platform which has been helpful, but it requires me to really know what company im searching. I can't simply put in a role by itself (such as Sustainability Manager), I need to refine the search with a Company Name or Keyword, maybe few others. Any tips on how I can at least get good lists of these?

I was thinking forbes 1k list, top 100/1000 tech companies searches, etc then doing the research for each company respectively, listing 5-10 contacts at each.

Thank you very much!


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