Do you have any questions about making a pitch deck? Ask me here!

JDboukJDbouk subscriber Posts: 4 Member
A pitch deck (or elevator pitch) is a presentation consisting of ~10 slides used to present a company's key points to a potential investor (or partner) to attempt to obtain funding to grow their business. It's common to go through dozens of different investors before finding one who will invest in your idea, especially if your concept is something new in the market and the potential for success is unknown.

I've worked with over 5,000 companies across the globe (and helped raise over $8 million in investments) providing them with tips on how to improve their presentations and completely changing the design of their pitch deck to make it investor worthy. Usually clients are sending me 25 slide presentations with hard-to-read small font and mismatched slide designs. I'm looking to provide startups with answers to their questions regarding pitch decks! Have a question on how a slide should look or if you have too many slides? Ask below and I'll share my insight! 
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