What are the most important techniques to secure an E-commerce store

denise hiltondenise hilton Posts: 19subscriber Bronze Level Member
I own a small e-commerce online store and recently my website database got hacked. Thanks to my web hosting provider they already had backups and restored my data. How can i ensure that my web store is completely safe with minimum cost?


  • Courtney TCourtney T Posts: 1subscriber Member
    Hi Denise,

    Your clientele's information is something that should be stored in a box, with the key thrown away. The thing with web hosting, they aren't tailored to your site or protecting it. It's security companies that are made for that, that will help you to the fullest. I recommend looking into envadr.io, they have helped many big time companies with vulnerabilities and are meant for this specific thing! You could also look into low time freelancers as well.
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