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Any free software for Inventory management?

denise hiltondenise hilton subscriber Posts: 19 Bronze Level Member
Can you suggest any free software I can use for my small business to manage our inventory. I need a software that has no limitation on the basis of number of items. Do you know of any such software?


  • Sara2hSara2h subscriber Posts: 4 Member

    i think you will still end up buying all extensions for the features you will need as a free software usually is just a empty shell

  • James LinkJames Link subscriber Posts: 4 Member

    Some inventory management software are designed for general purpose. Best inventory management software includes product categorization, order management, stock control, track inventory levels, and also tracking deliveries. BMSLink, most reliable, user-friendly, and cloud-based software for owners of window blinds industry is one of them. Window treatment software online is the most affordable enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for small businesses. You can find some free inventory management software online but with limited access. To get all the features, you need to go for advanced or pro versions. You can use BMSLink window treatment software basic version for free.

  • swilswil subscriber Posts: 4 Member

    Inventory management is undoubtedly an important part of any business that needs to be huge considerations. It has great importance due to its usability in the entire business. When it manages well, you will see the positive impact on every business process from manufacturing to delivery. The software facilitates wide variety of business solutions, such as inventory management, order management, accounting, trend analysis, and many more. These solutions ensures software worth for business success and customer satisfaction.

    If you are looking for free software, it is difficult to find all the necessary features inside the software package. But you can contact the product development company SWIL Jaipur, which recommends inventory software within your budget or offers you a 45-day free software trial to ensure your need.

  • dresadresa subscriber Posts: 41 Bronze Level Member
  • Brandonw8Brandonw8 subscriber Posts: 2 Member

    I agree with swil. If you consider to choose free inventory management software it will be some low perfomed service or trial period.

    When I talk about low perform software I have in mind service that will calculate for you some basic data, like DIO, safety stock, inventory carrying cost, etc. But you easaly could use pen and paper for that or online calculators.

    If you have more than few stores, you better consider investment into such system.

  • undoingtechundoingtech subscriber Posts: 1 Member

    I suggest searching for "open source inventory management". There are a variety of options out there, but most are self-hosted software. That means you need to either know how to setup it up on a local or remote webserver or you need to hire someone to setup the software for you. On the plus side, most self hosted software solutions have online demos, so you can try it out to make sure it has all the features you need.

    I suggest Dolibarr. It is the only one I saw that had both local install and self hosted option. You should be able to install and run it on a windows machine. It also has an online demo.

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