Is the outsourcing model successful in 2019?

denise hiltondenise hilton Posts: 19subscriber Bronze Level Member
Isn't outsourcing become outdated? I've heard people are finding less success than before for freelance outsourcing. If that's correct then what's the safest approach to pursue it?


  • KRoksolKRoksol USPosts: 9subscriber Member
    I think it all depends on the business strategy. Outsourcing is a very practice service, but hard to choose the right company. Companies use outsourcing to cut labor costs, including salaries for personnel, overhead, equipment, and technology. Outsourcing is also used by companies to dial down and focus on the core aspects of the business, spinning off the less critical operations to outside organizations.
  • Turner BellTurner Bell NY, USAPosts: 11subscriber Bronze Level Member

    I think it's up to firm whether to outsource or not because outsourcing has its advantages. They will never going to change. Who can accommodate the outsourcing they will approach surely. Best benefit is cost reduction. So, small business prefer this more.

  • MarkManMarkMan Posts: 2subscriber Member

    Well, outsourcing is quite profitable for IT companies. No doubts, lots of advantages of outsoursed development team: from reasonable price to well-established processes of outsoursing company. I've had recently experience cooperating with IT guys from itmaster-soft developing a healthcare software for Israel company. It was really beneficial for both of sides

  • Olga_issartOlga_issart Posts: 2subscriber Member
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    Companies continue to outsource processes. If it is possible to find a company with solid expertise to handle the work that in house team cannot handle, why not get advantage of it?

    However, the competition among outsourcing providers is fierce today, and the development cost is not the only factor that matters. What is important is the ability of a provider to dive deep into a Client's business and to find the most optimal solution that will match a Client's business goals to the fullest.

  • KalenamKalenam Posts: 19subscriber Bronze Level Member

    Outsourcing definitely is a trend and I think that it's a good trend. It brings benefits to everyone.

  • GorroGorro Posts: 7subscriber Member

    location-independent work will always be relevant

  • himapujarahimapujara Posts: 3subscriber Member

    Outsourcing is in trend. More & more companies across the globe are choosing the outsourcing strategy. There are several reasons behind it, but cost-cutting is the prime reason. The other benefits of outsourcing are that it allows you to:

    • Access to a wide talent pool of experts
    • Focus on core business activities
    • Flexibility to hire staff
    • Offer round the clock service

    Here are the statistics, Why Companies Outsource?

    • 59% of companies outsource to reduce or control cost
    • 57% do it to focus on business objectives
    • 47% to solve capacity issues
    • 31% to improve service quality
    • 28% to take help from talented professionals
    • 17% of their business environment

    Outsourcing has been practiced for decades, but this technological era has allowed it to bloom and become bigger than ever. Ensure success by choosing the right Offshore Development Team like Your Team In India by :

    Set Definite Deadlines

    Easy Team Communication

    Embracing The partnership

    Hope this will help!!

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