Any free tools for automating Social media marketing?

denise hiltondenise hilton Posts: 19subscriber Bronze Level Member
I have been using IFTTT for automating social media marketing but it lacks some features that I want. For example, I want to re-schedule my old blog posts to be shared on my social media channels. Are there any free tools that allow you to do that?


  • Kevonia MaysKevonia Mays Los Angeles, CAPosts: 21subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Have you tried hootsuite? 
  • brittanydowbrittanydow Posts: 2subscriber Member
    There is actually a really new tool that just launched that is completely free called Social Lift. You can schedule any posts, old or new on your social media channel. It is also coming out with more features so it could potentially do even more for you! Let me know how you like it. You can find the tool at 
  • Ernest WhaleyErnest Whaley USA, California, San JosePosts: 24subscriber Bronze Level Member
    None of the tools is free though they claim to be free. After a certain time, you are going to pay for the services of that tool. They hardly give you a free trial for 5 to 7 days.
  • Taskenator Ltd.Taskenator Ltd. Posts: 10subscriber Bronze Level Member
    You can go with Hootsuite and Buffer. Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts for 3 linked social media accounts for free. While you can directly schedule posts on your Facebook page. Buffer I think is free but on 1 linked social media page.
  • AishleyAishley Posts: 25subscriber Bronze Level Member

    Yes, there are some good tools you can use for automating your social media marketing-

    • Buffer
    • IFTTT
    • Crowdfire
    • Later
    • Boardbooster

    Hope it helps!

  • Mohit ChauhanMohit Chauhan Posts: 22subscriber Bronze Level Member

    Here are few of the tools for automating Social media marketing:

    1. Later
    2. SproutSocial
    3. Hubspot
    4. Preview
    5. Buffer
    6. SocialPilot
    7. Hootsuite
    8. Linktree
    9. Planoly
    10. Crowdfire
    11. CoSchedule

    They aren't entirely free! However, they come with free trial periods. And, basic plans that provide you with the regular features free of cost! So, you can take your pick, as to what works the best for you! Hope this helps! :)

  • bedroomscactusbedroomscactus Posts: 4subscriber Member

    I'd recommend you to try Buffer

  • MegMcLMegMcL Posts: 1subscriber Member
    edited November 25

    Hi Denise, there are loads of options out there however It depends what channels you want to use the tool for. I use automation to schedule our companies social media across facebook, twitter, linkedin and instagram. I have used a whole host of them but I would say my top 3 would be Buffer, Hootsuite and SproutSocial (however theres good and bad in all of them)...

    • Buffer - its really easy to understand and doesn't require previous experience of using automation tools. With the free version you can only use up to 3 accounts after which you have to pay for it. I have noticed problems uploading videos (won't play automatically when uploaded to socials or, turn into an image still). You can schedule stories on instagram but this again is a paid function.
    • Hootsuite - again really easy to use but only allows you to schedule 30 posts on the free version (across all accounts) but wont let you access analytics for the performance of your account before having to pay for the tool.
    • SproutSocial - I'm using this currently, I've found it to be great! Theres anyalytics tools, social listening, find content feature (great for when content is running low), plus loads extra. Downside is you do have to pay for this after 30 days and posts don't automatically publish to instagram (can be good for proofreading!). I think this tool is more aimed at people with some experience in post automation.

    My advice for whatever tool you choose - make sure your images are sized correctly for the platform you're posting to because they won't resize themselves!

    Hope this helps! 😊

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