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Friendorb.com - Social networking and e-commerce

FriendorbFriendorb subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2010 in Business Planning
Hello,I've been reading this forum for a while and appreciate the great advice and ideas it has to offer. I was looking to get some opinions on a project I've been working on - the working name is www.friendorb.com), and is designed as a hybrid, of sorts, between social networking and e-commerce. It's geared mainly towards small businesses and allows for an easy entry into e-commerce without the hassle and confusion of finding hosting, web designers, maintenance costs, etc., especially for those who are not technologically savvy). It also serves as another social networking venue, though that aspect has yet to be developed.One example site is Level 2 Hair Designs, a local business I've been working with to help establish an e-commerce presence. Visiting the "products" section, you can see the cart integrates with Google Checkout (simplifying the purchase process and negating the need for custom authorization/encryption methods). It also allows visitors to participate in the other social networking services Level 2 is a member of (there are some other accounts on the site, but none are as fully developed).Clearly, there is more to be done in terms of design, features, bug fixes, etc. Right now, I'm trying to find some other small businesses (maybe 10 to 20 or so for now) who are interested in signing up for working accounts while the design and testing phases continue. Suggestions and participants are welcome.Thanks!
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