Looking at Making a Prototype for Athletic Apparel Idea

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I'm in the infancy stages of my athletic garment idea. I don't even have a business license yet. However, I really want to make a low grade prototype to test my idea. I'm extremely new to entrepreneurship, and all it entails, and the success of the prototype will give me an idea of how I move forward with getting all the particulars in order.

Basically, I want to fuse together existing garments (I'll be buying garments from other apparel companies to do this) to make what I have planned out. I am only going to make two prototypes; so again, not looking to break the bank on a "rough draft" prototype.  The idea is simple enough and I'm making a rough guideline via Photoshop. My Photoshop skills aren't refined, so it'll be just a follow guide, with arrows and layered portions of pieces. I know it sounds very newbie like, I just really want to test my idea. Don't plan on sending the prototype out, just want to see the efficiency for myself before providing a more formal prototype.  

Should I take this to an alteration shop or look for an individual seamstress? If not where should I go? 

Should I make them sign an NDA? 

Is that even the correct way to go about getting a prototype made. Do you use unaltered fabric instead of actual manufactured garments?

Help please!

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