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chrisruechrisrue subscriber Posts: 2
A quick heads-up for everybody:
Microsoft is set to formally release their new versions of Office, Vista & Exchange (OVE) at the end of this month. Microsoft`s Across America Launch Events begin a whirlwind tour across, well...America beginning on January 16th.
Of particular interest to the folks here at SuN, Microsoft`s Connections team will be offering a Small Business track/session at these Launch Events.
In a previous life I was a co-presenting Partner at a couple of Connections events. I can tell you that, each time, the audience members overwhelmingly commented how much they got out of the session, including coming away with actionable ideas how to improve their business processes.
Here`s an added bonus...
Every person who signs up & subsequently attends the event will receive a free (not-for-resale) copy of both Microsoft Office Professional 2007 & Microsoft Groove 2007.
OK...sounds good right? Well, here`s the potential fly in the ointment...
The Small Business tracks/sessions have been filling up FAST! In fact, they`ve been filling up before any of the other 4 tracks/sessions.
Our company is hosting a table at the Launch Event in Birmingham, Alabama on the 23rd & the Small Business track/session for that date has been booked solid for 2 weeks.
So if you want to attend, go to Microsoft`s Launch Day page. You can search by state to find a location near you & register to attend. If you`re thinking of going, you should prolly sign up more sooner than later, that`s for sure.
SECRET MISSION #1: If you do manage to snag a seat at one of the Small Business tracks/sessions hosted by Connections, pay close attention to the Microsoft Connections presenter`s name. If you happen to have Lara Pryor, be sure & tell her Chris from Alabama said `Hey!" You might want to take a printout of this page with you to remind/blackmail her out of some good swag.
While you`re there, find out if one of the Across America trucks is on-site. If it is...you have to go aboard and see what`s inside. Especially since they`ve all been retrofitted with new stuff. Besides the all-important Xbox 360s, the trucks now have on-board:

Mobile device showcases
POS systems
IP phone systems
Various types of laptops & desktops
Live demos of nearly every current MS product
Again, in a previous life... I spearheaded the planning for a customer event using one of those trucks & it was amazing!
SECRET MISSION #2: If you happen to get aboard one of the trucks, find out the name of the technical specialist. If his name is Mitchel Weiss, also tell him that Chris from Alabama said "Hey!" You might want to take a printout of this page with you to remind/blackmail him out of some swag too.
All best!chrisrue2007-1-10 14:6:53


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