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Business Name... Needing a Focus Group to help screen possible names.

LinhardtLinhardt subscriber Posts: 2 Member
I am trying to choose a Business Name for an online All-In-One Local City Directory.  The directory will be for the community of Jefferson City, Missouri and it's surrounding area.  I personally have brainstormed a lot of names and have a somewhat large list of names.  I am seeking a focus group that I might be able to leverage to assist in deciding the best name.  I thought about using the local Jeff City Community with assistance with my ideas but feared that someone may run with my idea of a local directory and beat me to the punch while I'm still trying to develop the directory.  So that lead me to search online.  I've had no luck in finding a group to assist other than a few small business start-up boards like this one.  Does anyone have any idea of sites that might be able to help with a focus group for business name selection?  I would also like to seek the advice of this forum as well if you would be so kind as to assist.

I have searched this site and have read all the pertinent articles, community posts, etc. on how to select the best business name and feel that the names I have come up with could be good business names.

First, let me tell you a little about the directory and some keywords that can be associated.  This is an All-In-One Local City Directory for Jefferson City, Missouri.  It will be a directory of local businesses that a community individual could log into to seek the different services that the local businesses do.  It will also have local events, local information, etc.  Pretty much a complete directory for Jefferson City and it's surrounding community.  A couple of keywords that may be associated (currently being used) with Jefferson City are the following:

Jeff City, MO

Below is the list that I have personally thought of:
  • ServeJeffCityMo

  • JeffCityMoServe

  • ServeJCMO

  • JCMOServe

  • JeffCityMoDirectory

  • DirectoryJeffCityMo

  • JeffCityMoServices

  • ServicesJeffCityMo

  • JCMODirectory

  • DirectoryJCMO

  • JCMOServices

  • ServicesJCMO

  • DirectJCMO

  • JCMODirect

  • JCMOList

  • ListJCMO

  • LocalJCMO

  • JCMOLocal

Feel free to pick the ones you like the best or even give me any additional names that could work.



  • Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness administrator Posts: 1,137 Site Admin
    edited April 2019
    Do you have a decent social media presence or email list? I know you mentioned you're worried somebody may steal your idea or one of your names, but it may be fun to do a poll with the list of names you've narrowed down and let the people of the community vote on it. 

    My initial thought with your list is that a few of those could work, I tend to like the ones that start with JCMO, but also that some of them look a bit ambiguous and confusing when all jumbled together. Don't be afraid to try out spacing the words or spelling out Jefferson City to give yourself something new to consider. 

    As far as focus groups go, I don't know too much about conducting them, but I recently stumbled upon this website called User Interviews, which let's companies recruit from the website's 125,000-member community for any kind of on-demand research and get feedback. You can target by location, demographics, profession, etc: https://www.userinterviews.com/

     Is something like this what you are looking for? 
    Ryan O'Bleness
    Community Manager
    StartupNation, LLC
  • LinhardtLinhardt subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    edited April 2019
    @Ryan O'Bleness I do not have a social media presence or any list at this point.  Just getting my idea and planning stages started. That link you sent may work for me I'll have to check it out further.  Thanks for the ideas . Only reason I have not used the full City name is because this is mainly an online directory and online business so I'm trying to keep be it a good name for online. 
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