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New Website Selling Computer Books for Kids

ChrisSmithChrisSmith subscriber Posts: 3
edited November 2007 in Website Critique
Hi Everyone!
I just launched my new site www.digitalwhizkids.com</A> about 2 months ago.  This site sells books for the k-12 and homeschool market that teach kids computer literacy.  We will be launching an online learning section soon as well as free sample exams.  I would love everyone`s feedback. 


  • MackVVVMackVVV subscriber Posts: 0
    I think you website layout is great, clean and easy on the eyes. What I would suggest is an about page or an small about box on the homepage, saying who you are and what you offer. You might not see this often in other sites, but believe me it engages your viewer to browse around.
  • ChrisSmithChrisSmith subscriber Posts: 3
    nhgnikole,Thank you very much for your comments.Would you recommend different site sections for each audience or a different website for each audience?Also,  I will revise the book names.  You are right that it`s a bit confusing using Nursery.The books were originally aimed at the k-12 market, but we found that a lot of homeschool parents needed this type of curriculum as well.  The copy of the product page really just gets us decent page rankings, so i hesitate to get rid of it, but I like your suggestion and will revise it.  Perhaps create a link at the bottom of the product page the says...if you want to know more click here...and that takes you to the full marketing copy.MackVVV,I think you are absolutely right.  We definitely need an about us page.  I thought the blog would give that type of engagement to visitors, but it turned out to be better served as a news and tips area.  Thank you for your insight.
  • ChrisSmithChrisSmith subscriber Posts: 3
    For whatever reason google has no problem indexing any of those pages and i get consistent 1st or 2nd page ranking on my product pages.  I guess changing the URL to a more friendlier name may mean that my product pages are in the top half of the first page.  Interestingly enough,  most shopping cart sites don`t implement friendly URLS...of course those sites are amazon.com, etc  who are already getting lots of traffic.  It just makes me wonder how important URLS are to search bots.I`ve been thinking about creating several homepages that target a customer based on what URL they came from.  If they came from one of my ads on google aimed at the educators, then it would take them to my education landing page.  Anyways..you get the idea.  I really appreciate your feedback.We are getting tons of people who go to the sample books section and download our free sample books.  that is the most popular section of the website.  It`s really fun to see where people are coming from and what they are doing on my site.I see you have a blog regarding Amazon.com.  We recently posted our books their through the Advantage Program.  Do you have any knowledge in that area?Chris
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