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Advice on Nootropics E-Commerce

tee_rabtee_rab subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Hi All,

My name is Tamim Rabaa and am currently working in supply chain for one of the largest medicine manufacturers here in Australia and can get my hands on some pretty rare and high quality Nootropic powders. I have been looking at the top 4 highest quality Nootropics which can be extremely valuable to Australian nootropic users such as:

1.    MCT Oil 70% (patented product)

2.    Rhodiola Rosea Std. 3% Rosavins (From Rhodiolife® , extremely high quality with many studies of efficacy)

3.    Shilajit + Ubiquinol (1:1 complex)

4.    Microencapsulated 24% DHA powder from Algae (patented, Netherlands supplier)

My goal of this thread is to ask if any of these sound good to fellow Australian Nootropic users before I go ahead with the project of supplying the highest quality, 3rd party tested, GMP packaged Nootropic powders in Australia.


I am available on Instagram @tamimrabaa where I regularly showcase the 'behind-the-scenes' of GMP Medicine manufacturing where you can follow my journey of creating the highest quality Nootropics vendor here in Australia once I get approval from you guys. I won't be the cheapest, nor do I want to be, however I do want to provide ultra premium Nootropic products to working-class/entrepreneurial Australians who aim to improve themselves on a daily basis.


Thank you all, looking forward to your feedback!

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