Outsourcing 2019

Irina DereliogluIrina Derelioglu UkrainePosts: 10subscriber Bronze Level Member
Last year we've researched the question of outsourcing. The statistics show that each year it gains larger and larger popularity. Interesting to know your thoughts about outsourcing as a global trend and what to expect for outsourcing in 2019. More concrete numbers of Statistics 2017-2018 you may read in our blog article (logicify.com/en/blog/outsourcing-as-a-global-trend-excerpts-from-it-outsourcing-statistics-2017-2018)


  • Stren656Stren656 Posts: 14subscriber Bronze Level Member
    I had a bad experience with it and decided not to go down that road again. We've had people work for us from other countries but they're internal simply working remote which I prefer.
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    I think outsourcing is on the rise. There are many small businesses that are growing needing new services as employees are added and sales increase, bringing on payroll, bookkeeping, marketing, and other new tasks that many business owners aren't versed in. I think that the need for these services without the expense of hiring and training employees to do these tasks helps the business.

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