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Starting a business with 4 other people. Need help learning how to delegate tasks

Hi community! I'm new here and I'm sure there are other threads helping to answer this question. IF you could please link those for me or help me with search terms that would be great.

I am starting a business (As i've done before) but this time it is with 4 other people. In the past it has been only me, and possible one other person to complete a very specific task. 

I chose this group of people because I know what they're great at; sales, creating partnerships, schmoozing, and all that sales stuff. I'm good at it too, but it's not my passion. To give a quick insight, two of the people are currently project managers/fund raisers for a company. The third absolutely loves to go to met-and-greets and will never say no to drinks or dinner with potential clients. 

We are 2 weeks into this. I know for a fact that I always work harder, think more, strategize, wake up at 3am and write down ideas, research more, obsess more than anyone else. It's within my nature. I don't like to fail.

Here's my problem. The initial stages of a business is simply testing the market to see if anyone cares about this idea. My plan for this is a landing page with Email collection CTA and Facebook ads sending people there. Basically, ad copy, web dev, and verbiage strategy followed by reading analytics. 

Their sales skill and project management skills don't necessarily apply to this early stage.

Second, I have created a Trello board with tasks that need to be done. I attempted to get all of them writing website copy, just so we can all develop the Mission Statement and company brand together. Unfortunately, 3/4 haven't created their trello account yet...

Are there any articles or past threads that discuss how to utilize my staff in these early stages, while keeping them engaged, excited, and happy??? What can they do? What should I have them do? How do I get them to do tasks that they aren't naturally good at or that don't interest them enough to sign up for Trello and do some work? 


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