Remote Sales Job Search - Need Advice


Looking for advice from people who are working in SaaS Sales.

In general, I worked in Business Development for few companies based in Easetern Europe ( I am Ukrainian) and I decided to look for a SaaS Account Executive / SDR role at a startup based in LA, SF, LA. Also considering Singapore/ Jakarta as I am still fluent in Indonesian language.

Currently I am prospecting CEOs and Heads of Sales on Linkedin for a remote sales job opportunity. Open to come to the US as well as I have a visa by 2027 but I doubt that somebody will start a working visa application process. Therefore I am calling dibs on a remote sales job first as an SDR and then when I prove to be effective, hope for a relocation and promotion to be closer to a team. So I have 2 questions: 

- What are the great SaaS startups with relatively easy to learn product and high-promotion rate? 
- What industry/ trend in SaaS would you suggest to focus on with a relatively high chance for a startup to go public?
- Any info about companies who hire remote SDR teams  -  my resume ( suggestions, feedback, recommendations are accepted)
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