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May We Please Have Your Input Regarding Our Website?

AnnieMarieAnnieMarie subscriber Posts: 3 Member
Please, would you review and give input to our website?  You all are experts so we're bracing a little at what we'll hear but really do want it to be the best it can be.  www.lionsmarketbyann.com 
Any idea how I make that a clickable link?
Grateful for your time
Annie Marie


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    Why-EyesWhy-Eyes subscriber Posts: 51 Bronze Level Member
    to have clickable links you need to post at least 10 times
    and, when i clicked on it the first thing I thought of was why do I want this. It is definitely unique and it made me want to read more but it just felt like it was missing that slogan/hook on the welcome page that would've really made it seem that much more captivating. Other than that its a nice website with a really unique lay out. The way you have it off to the side is very different, but kind of weird to look at first. Still over all design is a B for me.
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    AnnieMarieAnnieMarie subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    Your 100% correct .. it needs a "slogan/hook on the welcome page" this is excellent advice.  I too felt something was missing but couldn't figure out what.  So grateful, thank you.

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    EntreflowEntreflow subscriber Posts: 15 Bronze Level Member
    Hi Annie Marie,
    Your website is not fully optimized for SEO (to rank well on Google). You need a slogan on your website (for conversion) but also more content on your pages that is using the keywords that people are looking for in your industry. I also noticed that your website is not fully optimized for mobile which might limit conversion but Google ranking as well (your navigation bar on the left for example is taking half of the screen for example). 
    On your "about us" page, you have lot of content. I would suggest to do a bit a graphic design and formatting to display your written content in a better way. Right now it is a bit too monotone for user to go through it. 

    Helina Patience
    Business Consultant for growing companies

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    SunshinesSunshines subscriber Posts: 17 Bronze Level Member

    I love the looks. Its perfect.

    Btw dont you have contact?

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