What is Best CMS to use to start my online business?

Blazho GjorgievBlazho Gjorgiev MacedoniaPosts: 8subscriber Member
I'm in a way to open digital marketing agency.Is there any good CMS which can serve to my purposes.


  • Tuah BaoTuah Bao Posts: 106subscriber Silver Level Member
    Hi Blazho,

    Wordpress is easy to use and update. However, I am using Drupal now. They are a lot of modules and plugins to add on. You may consider Joomla as well. 

    I would suggest you to list down all your requirements before choosing one of them. What functions do you need, for example: A shopping cart? Do you need to accept payment online? Forum? Article posting?

    Then, try to find out if you can find any free modules or plugins to support your needs (of course you can choose to hire freelancer to develop custom module for you).

    Hope that helps.
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