How to generate investment for your startup ?

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To get your startup the recognition it needs, you need money, and to get that money, you need to get some insight on how to do that.

  1. If you are lucky enough and have a bank balance that can support you, give it a try and try using some of the money from your savings. It is called bootstrapping. This will enable you to be your own boss.

  2. Ask the masses to help you generate money. Crowdfunding is an option you can explore. If you are creating something that will have a direct impact on people, it will appeal to them even more. People are always ready to help if they feel your work is legit. Try and convince people about why you are developing that app, product or service.

  3. Ask the angels to help you. No, not literally the ones in heaven though. Angel investors are always looking for promising startups. Fix a meeting and prove to them why you are worthy of all that money.

  4. Another method to get all that money is through venture capitalists. These are funds, managed professionally that invest in promising startups. Give it all you’ve got and let the managers know the growth your product is capable of, and you are done.

  5. Accelerators and business incubators are known to help hundreds of businesses. 

  6. Participate in contests and win cash Yes, it is an option. Keep an eye on all the competitions happening around and make sure to get all the exposure they have to offer, along with the money, if you win that of course.

  7. Banks are also an option you can head to. Loans nowadays are available for startups.

  8. Explore government programs that offer money for startups. 



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    Depends on what it is you're trying to gain investment for but if you're SaaS they're looking at your userbase and growth of your userbase.

    And if its something else then a moat that you have and no one else has or it would be difficult for others to replicate which then has intrinsic value which an investor can see. 

    Whatever method you choose you have to make the right case and know what the value you have is.
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    Also, always check in with your local SBA to see if they have grants available. A product or service that can fit a social need or research topic can qualify for a lot of endowments.
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    And what about bank loans. Since Startup increases the national income of any country, banks provide loans with low interest. It also helps the entrepreneur a lot.
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    It seems to me that it is better not to take loans, you need to start a business with the money that you have yourself

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    You can consider keeping a job until you are ready to start your own company- this shall help increase the saving rate

    You can even consider crowdfunding- it's unconventional and you should definitely check it out!

    You can even consider investing on co-working office space instead of private office- is cost efficient and shall optimize your expenditure!

    You can check out various other startup investment tips and tricks that you think may help you. But what will give you a head-start is a strategic plan! Try not being spontaneous here! :)

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