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Requesting feedback on our Start-up website

cmoulicmouli subscriber Posts: 9 Bronze Level Member

We are an early stage start-up working currently on a prototype  technology platform that helps non-technical business users to integrate their Online Applications easily for business purposes without looking for external help.  for e.g. a connection between Hub-spot CRM and QuickBooks. The platform will provide support for connecting a catalogue of applications that we will be configured as part of the platform. If  customers wants to connect two applications that are part of the catalogue, he/she can sign-up to the service and install a BOT as part of his Skype or Slack Messenger. Then the customer can interact with the BOT through a guided natural interaction to facilitate his/her needs.

This is the problem we are solving for SMB customers who use multiple Online applications and need a plug n play platform which reduces their run-around to find a developer to handle the integration for them.

We created two sites. One parent site for the organization (www.dot2globe.com) and product site is (www.incox.net). We want to keep the website simple so that it is easy to understand. Hence the content that is in the website we felt should be not more and not less.

In this context, I request for the feedback on our website along the following lines

1) Do you think the area of work that I briefly stated in 1st para above and the content in our product website is more or less aligned? What is clear and what is un-clear?
2) What improvements you suggest us to make so that it can easily understandable by non-technical customers easily.
3) Any other open feedback from your observation of other similar SaaS start-ups.

Appreciate your time and look forward to your inputs. Thanks!



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